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Wishing well

Gift Wisely, Gift Well: Your Invitation’s Wishing Well

Step into the world of intelligent gifting with Your Invitation’s wishing well. A haven of convenience and eco-consciousness, designed to transform how you give and receive gifts. Discover why Your Invitation’s wishing well is the ultimate choice:

Gift on Your Terms: Say hello to hassle-free gifting. Our wishing well lets your guests contribute with ease, on their own terms, 24/7. Traditional gifting is a thing of the past.

Seamless Integration: Weave the magic of our wishing well into your digital invitations and RSVP page. Haven’t purchased an invitation package? No worries, let it shine on its own as a gifting page. It’s a flexible solution that suits your preferences.

Green Glamour: Redefine eco-friendly elegance. Our wishing well brings a touch of green sophistication to your celebrations, making every gift count for a greener tomorrow.

Gifts with Identity: Unveil the mystery behind each gift. Our wishing well ensures you know exactly who sent each present, turning your celebration into a tapestry of cherished connections.

Safety & Empowerment: Your security matters. Our wishing well ensures safe processing of gifts. And guess what? You decide who covers the processing fee – you or your gracious guests.

Ready to elevate your gifting game? Embrace the future with Your Invitation’s wishing well.

Frequently asked questions

What are the processing fees

Our processing fees are competitive. We charge 3% of the transaction value plus 30 cents. We give hosts the option to decide whether they cover the cost of the processing charge or the guest.

For example, for a gift of $100, where the guest pays the processing fee, the total transaction amount charged to the guests credit card will be $103.30 and the host will receive the full $100. If the host pays the processing fee, the transaction amount of $100 will be charged to the guests credit card and the host will receive a payout of $96.70.

Why is there a price difference between add-on and standalone

We charge a fee for a standalone wishing well which covers the establishment of the wishing well. We undertake some identity verification checks to minimise fraud.

We do not charge a fee to add-on a wishing well to an invitation package. Please note, you will need to select this option when purchasing your invitation package.

How long does it take to setup my wishing well

It depends on our workload and if you need any customisation. Generally they will be setup in less than 24 hours.

Can I customise my wishing well

Certainly. Depending on the type of event, you may want to collect some additional information such as song recommendations for the reception etc.

Are there any limitations to my wishing well

Yes. There is a minimum gift amount of $5 and a maximum gift amount of $1,000 per transaction.

My guest wants a refund, what should I do

We cannot issue refunds for gifting via our wishing well. You will need to come to an arrangement directly with your guest.

If your guest disputes the transaction, you are liable for any charges we incur as a result of the dispute and any value of the chargeback in the event the dispute is successful.

What will appear on the guest credit card statement

When you guest gifts via your wishing well the descriptor on their credit card will vary depending on your bank and/or card issuer. It will any of the following:



“YI” followed by the event name. For example, Sally and John’s wedding wishing well will appear as “YISALLYJOHN”